Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Don't Mormons Use The Cross?

Why Don't Mormons Use The Cross?

Why Don't Mormons Use the Cross?


[1]  These symbols can be seen stitched into LDS undergarments, See Wikipedia
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[5]  Deseret News, Sunstone speaker attemps to explain LDS 'aversion' to cross, 9/10/2009, Michael De Groote

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What is this business of Masons & Mormonism?  What is the relationship?


  1. It is not mandatory to carry symbols for religion purpose.No need to consider others opinion for religious matters.

    1. It shouldn't be mandatory, but for Mormons it is.
      Mormons are required to wear the Masonic Compass & Square, at all times.

    2. Thats funny, I'm not required to wear any Masonic symbles at all. Where do you get your info from?

    3. The symbols stitched into your undergarments that are required to be worn 24/7. The Compass, Square, and Level.


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