Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dramatic Reading of Selected Discourses of Brigham Young

JoD 1:238July 24, 1853God begat Jesus with Mary in the flesh.0 m 32 s

JoD 1:361August 1, 1852Mormons live above the law.0 m 37 s

JoD 3:84March 27, 1853Brigham Young will unshealth his Bowie Knife on the "Nasty Apostates"0 m 44 s

JoD 3:226March 2, 1856Those not of God are to be hewn down.0 m 34 s

JoD 3:243March 16, 1856The Javelin1 m 03 s

JoD 4:53September 21, 1856Sinners should beg us to kill them0 m 37 s

JoD 5:211September 6, 1857Brigham Young; I could find more girls than any of the young men0 m 34 s

JoD 6:345July 31, 1859God is not omnipresent0 m 23 s

JoD 7:336October 8, 1859The Native Americans will become White & Delightsome1 m 09 s

JoD 8:115July 8, 1860God begat Jesus from a natural action as we were of our fathers0 m 31 s

JoD 8:178September 9, 1860Brigham Young will have millions of wives and children.0 m 31 s

JoD 10:110March 8, 1863The Law of God Relative to the African Race0 m 45 s

JoD 12:262August 9, 1868Monogamy is from Robbers and Women Stealers1 m 03 s

JoD 13:95January 2, 1870Everything Brigham Teaches is Scripture0 m 22 s

JoD 13:271July 24, 1870The Sun and Moon are inhabited1 m 31 s

Episode 51Mormon Expositor51 m 26 s

NAPitman Shorthand used to record the Journal of Discourses4 m 12 s

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The 5 Stages of LDS Apologetics

Stage Description
Stage 1 Denial/Divert
Stage 2 Ad Hominem
Stage 3 Justify/Rationalize
Stage 4 Diminish Consequences
Stage 5 Acknowledge/Obey
*Bearing Testimony is the punctuation mark for each stage.

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