Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joseph Smith's First Vision and His Conflicting Accounts


LDS owned Joseph Smith Papers

[A] 1832 - "The Lord" | ‘First Vision', from History, 1832, Joseph Smith Letterbook 1, pp.2,3
[B] 1835, Nov 9 - To Minister | Joseph Smith's Journal November 9-11, 1835
[C] 1835, Nov 14 - To Erastus Holmes | History of the Church, vol. 2, p. 312 | Also found in Joseph Smith Journal November 14th, 1835
[D] 1838 - Adopted as "Official" | Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith — History, 1:7-20
[E] All 10 Versions compiled @
[F] All Journal Entries @

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Here is a formatted PDF doublesided ready to print.

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Change Log

06/20/2012 Fixed an error in the 1835 Jewish Minister account.  Mistakenly had Joseph's age listed as 17 when it was actually 14.  I actually fixed this error about a month ago when I had hard copies made and t-shirts but I forgot to update the website here.  That was an oversight and I apologize.

A special thanks to the folks at FAIR for pointing this out.  I welcome any and all future input.

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