Monday, August 13, 2012

Kirtland Banking Society

Kirtland Banking Society

Kirtland Safety Society


[1]    'Anti-Banking Company', "Mormon Enigma", by Newell & Avery, pp. 62

[2]    Painesville Republican, Feb. 22, 1838, Conflict at Kirtland, pg 297
         Joseph declared that the audible voice of God, instructed him to establish a banking-anti-banking institution."
         "[The Kirtland Safety Society] Shall swallow up all other Banks"

[3]    "No Man Knows My History", Fawn Brodie, pp. 199-202

[4]    "Joseph Smith As An Administrator," M.A. thesis, BYU, May 1969, pp. 80-88
         Smith tried in court and found guilty

[5]    "The Mormon Murders", by Naifeh & Smith, 1988, pp 25-26
         Prospective clients shown boxes of sand with a thin layer of coins on top


  1. Sign me up! I'll buy all the $3 notes you print.

    1. These are now very expensive to a collector. You'll pay thousands.


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